India is blessed with rich agro –climatic conditions and it produces a diverse set of agricultural produce. It is amongst the top producers in most of the major crops, fruits and vegetables. However, the productivity happens to be the lowest in the world. Value addition to agricultural produce is little and is crippled by lack of modernization and poor infrastructure. the potential of Indian Agribusiness is simply huge if these bottleneck are addressed. With ever growing interest of corporate looking to get involved in agriculture and vigorous push by the government, there are huge opportunities to grow in this sector. Higher realisation of agricultural produce in last 5 years has made the rural economy rich and vibrant. It is the panacea for growth longed by all. However, to get a piece of the market is not easy. Challenge in form of market assessment, product strategy. Pricing strategy, distribution strategy need to be understood and addressed. We, at aim to address these challenges and provide solutions to agriculturists and agribusiness entities. We, at SAP AGRO FARM ENTERPRIESES, have been associated with Agriculture sector since last many years. We have seen and been a part of the evolution in the Indian Food and Agriculture space having worked with farmers at the field level to large corporates. We believe we can add insight and value to Agri business.